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Includes: Clear Skin Online Consultation

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Does This Sound Like You?

Are you anxious to get the clear skin you've always dreamed of?

Tired of spending money on endless acne remedies, only to find out they don't work and you breakout once again?

Wondering why it's taking so long for the acne to clear up, and to see a difference in your skin?

Feeling frustrated and fed up with the whole darn process?

Do you feel like you've tried everything and don't know what to do next?

Still looking for a way to clear up your acne, once and for all? Learn how to get clear skin for good with your very own online consult!

How This Online Consultation Can Help You

You'll gain a better understanding of the most common contributing factors to acne breakouts and how to clear them up for good. Find out how diet and lifestyle affect your skin, and how making certain beneficial changes to them can help avoid breakouts. In this package you'll also discover the internal imbalances that can result in acne and how to form new clear skin habits and routines to restore balance and clear your skin.

Even if you think there's nothing else you could possibly try to clear your skin of acne, you can find the key to clear skin here.

Everything I share within this package worked for me. I had acne for over 20 years and know all about the feelings of frustration, insecurity and powerlessness that dominate our thoughts and our life. I avoided social situations because I was afraid to show my face in front of other people. I even had to make sure the clothes I wore covered my broken out areas (no sleeveless dresses for me!) I tried every lotion, potion, product, diet, medication and remedy out there, and nothing cleared up my skin completely - either it out right didn't work, or the acne just came back.

When I made the very changes included in this Clear Skin Online Consultation, the acne disappeared and my complexion has been clear ever since! I've never felt more wonderful, confident or empowered.

Making these natural and sustainable recommendations a part of your everyday life can clear up your skin and make your acne go away, and, if you stick with it, stay away. It's about a consistent and ongoing change to the foods you choose to eat, and the lifestyle you choose to live.

These changes are so simple, and this package will guide you through each of them. It provides you with all the information you need to finally have the clear skin you want. Ultimately it's up to you to put it into action, and it really is possible with this online consult.

What's even better is that everything can be done at your own pace (and sitting on your comfy couch if you want!) Some people like to absorb lots of information quickly; some people like to take baby steps. It's totally up to you how you work through it!

Here's What You'll Get

Clear Skin Booklet

  • This 61 page how-to Clear Skin Booklet has all the diet and lifestyle information you need to get clear skin for good
  • Includes detailed, practical and actionable information about the 10 major nutrients you need to eat for clear skin, as well as 5 other in-depth sections explaining additional areas to consider for acne-free skin
  • Each section has a checklist that you can print off and use as a cheat sheet or quick reference for what needs to be done as you develop your new clear skin habits and routines
  • You'll find out the ONE nutrient you must include in every meal and snack for clear skin!


Clear Skin Meal Plan

  • Ready-to-go, pre-planned one week clear skin meal plan
  • Includes 3 meals & 3 snacks each day, with tons of ingredients that help promote a clear complexion
  • Recipes for all of these meals and snacks are included - super quick & easy to prepare (I mean it)!
  • Tips & tricks about how to use special ingredients, save time and prep food
  • BONUS: 10 extra clear skin recipes for you to try

Lots Of Handouts

  • For even more clear skin support, and to compliment some of the recommendations in the Clear Skin Booklet, you'll get lots of handouts with the information you need to boost your understanding of what to do on the path to the clear skin you've been craving
  • Includes a list of brand and product recommendations to make your grocery shopping easier
  • BONUS: a weekly worksheet to help keep you motivated, encouraged & focused on your clear skin goals

What To Do Next

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Everything is in easy to access, download and print PDF format - you can save it to your computer, keep it in your email or print everything off for yourself.

Read it now or read it later - it's up to you how and when you progress through all of this valuable information.

Here’s how to get your Clear Skin Online Consultation:

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Price: $100

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What Others Are Saying

Mehrshid Jame

“Seeking Jodi’s nutrition services was the first promising step that I took towards a healthy and holistic lifestyle. She was incredibly knowledgeable and Jodi was able to completely change the way that I look at food and nutrition. Jodi created meal plans that were suitable for my day to day and coordinated with my lifestyle. She really made me realize that eating well can be wholesome, delicious, and life changing. I would definitely recommend!”

Jaclyn Clarkson

“Jodi is a patient, caring individual who can truly help you reach your health and wellness goals! I highly recommend her!” 

Nikki Dambrosi

"As a client of Jodi’s, I was so happy with the nutritional advice I received. She was very thorough, really took the time to get to know my overall state of well-being and provided practical recommendations that were easy for me to work into my busy schedule. The two week meal plan that she prepared for me included even more than I had expected, including super easy recipes, tailored to fit my preferences and lifestyle. I advise everyone to take advantage of Jodi’s products and services!"

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