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Does This Sound Like You?

Tired of spending money on endless acne fighting beauty products, only to find out they don't work and don't provide lasting results?

Do you have a cabinet full of half-used and ineffective bottles and containers?

Are you endlessly slathering your face with a ton of different products, all promising the end of acne?

Do you feel like you've tried every product available to clear your skin and don't know what to do next?

Feeling frustrated and fed up with the whole darn process?

How Can This eBook Help You?

It’s so important to care for our skin from the outside, especially when we are exposed to so many harsh toxins in our environment, the foods we eat and beauty products we use every day. It's hard to avoid them and as they accumulate over time, our pores become clogged, irritated and inflamed.

Our skin needs tender loving care with natural products and a simplified beauty routine in order to be acne free. Caking on several products, especially those full of synthetic ingredients and other toxic substances, can only make matters worse.

Food For Your Face will provide you with simple and effective DIY acne fighting face care products, using only natural ingredients and whole foods. Each of them will help to clean out your pores, reduce inflammation and clear up your skin.

Forget about pore clogging synthetic ingredients, and try these super easy, nutrient rich DIY recipes that you can make yourself.

Making your own DIY beauty products is a great step towards clear skin and this eBook is perfect for the DIY beauty beginner!


Here's What You'll Get

Food For Your Face eBook

It's got 14 DIY beauty recipes for clear skin that are super simple. Each one has only 1 - 3 ingredients.....easy peasy!

You'll learn how to make your very own acne fighting natural face wash, moisturizer, masks, exfoliants, toners, face steams and acne spot treatments.

All of these recipes use common foods and ingredients that you probably have hanging around in your kitchen right now. This eBook describes the acne fighting, clear skin benefits and nutrients contained within each of them.

And there are lots of bonus tips & tricks about how to make your own DIY products and how to incorporate them into your beauty routine for the best clear skin care!

Click here to check out a sample of what you'll get in Food For Your Face.

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"As a client of Jodi’s, I was so happy with the nutritional advice I received. She was very thorough, really took the time to get to know my overall state of well-being and provided practical recommendations that were easy for me to work into my busy schedule. The two week meal plan that she prepared for me included even more than I had expected, including super easy recipes, tailored to fit my preferences and lifestyle. I advise everyone to take advantage of Jodi’s products and services!"

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